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South East Community Development Council

The South East Community Development Council (abbreviation: SE CDC) is one of five Community Development Councils (CDCs) set up across the Republic of Singapore to aid in local administration of governmental policies and schemes. They are funded in part by the government although they are free to engage in fund-raising activities.

The South East Community Development Council (CDC) was set up on 24 November 2001. Spanning the scenic eastern Coast of Singapore, the South East District is home to more than 551,000 residents. The District includes some of the island’s most vibrant, historical and beautiful neighbourhoods, such as Geylang Serai, Joo Chiat, Bedok, Marine Parade and Serangoon Central.

As of July 2015, the South East district covers:

* East Coast GRC

* Bedok

* Changi-Simei

* Siglap

* Kampong Chai Chee

* Marine Parade GRC

* Braddell Heights 

Map - South East Community Development Council

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