Map - Sentani Airport (Sentani Airport)

Sentani Airport (Sentani Airport)
Dortheys Hiyo Eluay International Airport, also known as Sentani International Airport (Bandar Udara Internasional Sentani) is an airport serving Jayapura, the capital of Papua province, Indonesia, on the island of New Guinea. It is located in the Sentani District, approximately 40 km from downtown Jayapura; the name 'Sentani' is taken from a Lake Sentani nearby. It is the easternmost airport in Indonesia, the main hub, and the largest airport in the island of New Guinea. On 14 October 2019 the management of the airport was taken over by PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero).

Sentani Airport was a part of the large American facilities at Hollandia (now Jayapura), which was seized from the Japanese during World War II by an American amphibious task force Code named Operation Reckless on 22 April 1944.

The area was occupied by the Japanese in April 1942, and by 10 October 1943, the Japanese had built a large complex with two runways: a western runway of 4,500 ft and a second southern runway was 6,200 ft x 340 ft. There were 24 larger bomber revetments to the west of the strip, and an additional 27 to the east of the field, connected by taxiways to the two runways. Anti-aircraft defenses included 4 light guns that were later upgraded. The airfields were badly cratered by American bomber raids.

Once controlled by the Americans, the airfields were rebuilt and it became a command and control base with large numbers of operational units flying combat missions with fighters and heavy bombers operating out of the area. The American facilities consisted of three large military airfields: Hollandia, Sentani and Cyclops Airfields.

At the end of the war, Hollandia Airfield was abandoned, and until the early 2010s, it was reclaimed by natural overgrowth. The latest aerial imagery of this area now show a large housing development project underway on the site. Cyclops Airfield, which was a single runway facility to the northeast of Sentani Airfield and originally built by the Japanese, was also abandoned and is now part of the town of Sentani. This field is notable because it functioned as MacArthur's HQ at Hollandia.

Sentani Airfield is the only part of the complex still in use as an airfield today. It is used as the principal entry point into the Indonesian half of the island of Papua.

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Map - Sentani Airport (Sentani Airport)
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