Map - Allgaeu Airport, Memmingen (Allgu Airport, Memmingen)

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Allgaeu Airport (Allgu Airport, Memmingen)

Memmingen Airport, also known as Allgäu-Airport Memmingen, is an international airport in the town of Memmingerberg near Memmingen, in the Swabia region of Germany. It is the smallest of the three commercial airports in Bavaria after Munich Airport and Nuremberg Airport and has the highest altitude of any commercial airport in Germany. It is operated by Allgäu Airport GmbH & Co. KG, a limited partnership of 71 mostly local, medium-sized companies with only minor public shares.

Located about 3.8 km from the centre of Memmingen and 110 km from the city centre of Munich, it serves Memmingen and the Allgäu area and also provides a low-cost alternative to Munich Airport and therefore is sometimes referred to as Memmingen/Munich-West Airport or similar by some low-cost airlines, despite the fact that it is 110 kilometres from the centre of Munich. It mostly features flights to European leisure and some metropolitan destinations and handled nearly 1,18 million passengers in 2017.

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Map - Allgaeu Airport (Allgu Airport, Memmingen)

Latitude / Longitude : 47° 59' 15" N / 10° 14' 10" E | Time zone : UTC+1:0 / UTC+2 | Currency : EUR | Telephone : 49  
Map - Allgaeu Airport (Allgu Airport, Memmingen)  

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