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District of Prizren (Prizren District)

The Prizren District (Rajoni i Prizrenit; Призренски округ, Prizrenski okrug) is one of the seven districts of Kosovo. Its seat is in the city of Prizren. According to the 2011 Census, it has a population of 331,670 and an area of 2,024 square km (around 20% of the total area of Kosovo). Albanians form the majority of the district (85%). However, the district of Prizren is home to the biggest Bosniak and Turkish population in Kosovo, who make around 10% of the district's total population.

The district of Prizren has a total of 7 municipalities and 195 other smaller settlements.


Map - District of Prizren (Prizren District)

Latitude / Longitude : 42° 12' 56" N / 20° 44' 32" E | Time zone : UTC+1:0 / UTC+2 | Currency : EUR  


District of Prizren--Berat Hoxha 11

Berat Hoxha 11
District of Prizren
District of Prizren
District of Prizren
District of Prizren

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Kosovo (Kosova or Kosovë ; ), officially the Republic of Kosovo (Republika e Kosovës; Република Косово/ Republika Kosovo), is a partially recognized state and disputed territory in Southeastern Europe.

Defined in an area of 10908 km2, Kosovo is landlocked in the center of the Balkans and bordered by the uncontested territory of Serbia to the north and east, North Macedonia to the southeast, Albania to the southwest and Montenegro to the west. Geographically, Kosovo possesses varied and opposing landscapes for its size determined by the ideal climate along with the geology and hydrology. Most of central Kosovo is dominated by the vast plains and fields of Dukagjin and Kosovo. The Albanian Alps and Šar Mountains rise in the southwest and southeast respectively.
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