Map - Mariehamn sub-region (Mariehamns stad)

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Mariehamn sub-region (Mariehamns stad)

Mariehamn sub-region is a subdivision of Åland and one of the Sub-regions of Finland since 2009.


Map - Mariehamn sub-region (Mariehamns stad)

Latitude / Longitude : 60° 5' 1" N / 19° 56' 35" E | Time zone : UTC+2:0 / UTC+3 | Currency : EUR | Telephone : 340  


Mariehamn sub-region
Mariehamn sub-region
Mariehamn sub-region
Mariehamn sub-region

Country - Åland Islands

The Åland Islands or Åland (Åland, ; Ahvenanmaa) is an archipelago province at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea belonging to Finland. It is autonomous, demilitarised and is the only monolingually Swedish-speaking region in Finland. It is the smallest region of Finland, constituting 0.49% of its land area and 0.50% of its population.

Åland comprises Fasta Åland on which 90% of the population resides and a further 6,500 skerries and islands to its east. Fasta Åland is separated from the coast of Sweden by 38 km of open water to the west. In the east, the Åland archipelago is contiguous with the Finnish Archipelago Sea. Åland's only land border is located on the uninhabited skerry of Märket, which it shares with Sweden.
Currency / Language  
ISO Currency Symbol Significant figures
EUR Euro 2
ISO Language
SV Swedish language
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