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Raseborg sub-region (Raaseporin)

Raseborg sub-region is a subdivision of Uusimaa and one of the Sub-regions of Finland since 2009.

The main tourist attraction of the region, but also one of the Top 10 Visitors Attractions in Finland is the Raseborg Castle (Raaseporin Linna). It is supposed that the castle was built by the royal council leader of Magnus IV of Sweden in 1370, besides to have sustained continuous developments up to the 16th century. Raseborg Castle was designed to defend the that time Swedish territory Southern Finland. It would also go on to be the focal point of clashes with the Danes as well as pirates.

The time being, visitors to Raseborg Castle can look at its restored outer wall as well as its other ruins, such as wooden barrier which in the past encircled the castle, stopping entrance to the harbour to foreign ships.


Map - Raseborg sub-region (Raaseporin)

Latitude / Longitude : 60° 0' 10" N / 23° 33' 18" E | Time zone : UTC+2:0 / UTC+3 | Currency : EUR | Telephone : 358  


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Raseborg sub-region
Raseborg sub-region

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